Violin Shaped Pool - Dalkeith

Residential Structural Services

Advanced Building Engineers WA was keen to be involved in the manufacture of a concrete pool that is one of the most revolutionary in Perth. ABEWA worked alongside pool manufacturers and developers, Inspired Outdoor Creations and JAV Developments to see the client’s vision come to fruition.   


Engineering design and drawings of steel reinforcement for construction of a concrete pool.

Project Details

The property owner is an avid violin player and collector. A number of the items in the client’s home such as the speaker boxes are violin or cello shaped so it made sense to carry the theme outside and install a pool to match.  

While this job is unique because of the pool’s shape, there were no real challenges in terms of the engineering.

“The reinforcement was standard; the same as most pools we have completed. The pool is located away from the house and any retaining walls, therefore, there was no surcharge loading needed,” ABEWA owner Jason said.

The pool manufacturers, Inspired Outdoor Creations, had already completed other pool projects for the owner and they were keen to work on the violin-shaped combined pool and spa bath. The owners already had the drawings ready so it was a matter of turning them into reality with the latest technology added for good measure.

The spa can run independently heated with six spa jets. There are eight colour changing lights and everything is hooked up to a Connect 10 Control System.

“You can use an iphone app to turn on the pump, filter, lights and heater while you’re in the car so the pool is ready for a swim when you arrive home,” Inspired Outdoor Creations’ Partner Dave said.

The pool is finished in an exposed aggregate surround and the top of the pool features a mosaic tile.

Inspired Outdoor Creations have completed other unusual pools but this is the most intricate design they have done to date. There has been plenty of interest in the pool. Someone took a photo while the pool was being built and sent it into 6PR. They put it on their website then Channel 7 was interested in the story.


The owners have an amazing pool that continues their love of the violin in their outdoor space.

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