Suspended Glass Floor - Bayswater

Residential Structural Services


A Bayswater house was designed around an indoor/outdoor koi fish pond. The homeowners’ love of koi meant they wanted the pond to be the home’s main feature seen by everyone who visits. The owner really wanted to push the boundaries and achieve the visualisation of walking on water.  


The homeowner approached Advanced Building Engineers to investigate whether a suspended glass floor one metre above the pond was feasible. Advanced Building Engineers advised that it was structurally possible and set to work to make it happen. The main challenges for the project included:

  • Deflection of the structural beam needed to be minimised due to the glass floor sitting on it

  • Glass floor weight is 250kg - much heavier than a usual floor

  • Hall is a wide 1.5m by 2m

  • Tradespeople working on the project had never worked on anything similar

  • Cantilevered beam needed to be able to hold the weight of full height double storey walls.

  • A walkway going up and down was needed from the glass floor  


The beams were designed in accordance with the loads on them. The loads are rarely seen in residential properties so the beam was the size usually seen in commercial properties. Three pieces of laminated glass were used for the floor with the top piece being a piece of safety glass that could be replaced if the floor was broken or was showing signs of wear and tear. The hallway arch was designed in Perth but manufactured in Thailand to save money.

Advanced Building Engineers, the homeowner and friends did a dry run checking the fit of the glass floor before trades were brought in to install it.   


There is almost zero deflection on the beam, a great result for a project this size. With the lights on, the koi pond is a spectacular feature at night as well as during the day. Almost every visitor to the home has commented on the incredible feature.   

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