Dilapidation Surveys and Reports Offer Protection for Builders

Commercial Structural Services

Demolition, excavation and construction works have the potential to cause damage to adjoining properties. Before you undertake any work, consider the impact proposed works can have on surrounding properties.

Removing soil, pulling up existing slabs or footings and taking out trees may be simple enough, but they have the potential for damage. Even minor construction work can cause a neighbouring property to sustain cracking from vibrations, excavations, demolition, soil dewatering and construction works.

If there is any potential for damage or a vexatious claim, then consider covering yourself by ordering a dilapidation survey and report. A report is a requirement of some local authorities and building licenses.  

Advanced Building Engineers has highly trained staff experienced in preparing accurate, thorough dilapidation reports. Our reports can be used to settle any potential disputes about the condition of a property after construction has been completed.

Benefits of Dilapidation Surveys & Reports

Companies and property owners order dilapidation reports for a variety of reasons including:

  • Potential to save thousands in claims
  • Knowing condition of an adjacent property
  • Settle disputes quickly and easily
  • Peace of mind
  • Faster resolution of arguments
  • Protection for your insurance company
  • Satisfying local authorities or building licence requirement
  • Minimising any legal costs

What’s Included in Dilapidation Reports?

Digital photography and reporting identify and record any structural defects before works commence on one or more adjacent properties.

Reports include information on:

  • Footpaths and driveway crossovers
  • External walls and roof
  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Internal ceilings, cornices and walls
  • Internal or external fixtures
  • Flooring and tiles
  • Fences and walls

Advanced Building Engineers can complete pre and post inspections so that comparisons are made before and after works.

Our Experience in Dilapidation Surveys & Reports

Advanced Building Engineers has the necessary experience in providing unbiased Dilapidation Surveys & Reports through our experience in providing property inspections and reports, detecting faults, rectification recommendations on residential, commercial and industrial properties.

We are ideally suited to complete dilapidation reports because of our background and range of services including design, engineering, site inspection and soil compaction testing.

Advanced Building Engineers is fully licensed and has professional indemnity, public liability and workers’ compensation insurances.  

For more information about our prompt dilapidation surveying and reporting service, send us an email and give us a call on (08) 9382 8888.