Geotechnical Reporting

Advanced Building Engineers is regularly contracted by developers, home owners, builders, project managers, architects, engineers, contractors, earth-workers and government agencies to complete geotechnical reporting requirements.

Advanced Building Engineers can assist you with the following geotechnical services:

Site Classifications - engineer site classification reports as required by your local council.

Land Capability Assessments - to identify site and soil features and any constraints in the building area that may impact development.

Laboratory Soil Testing & Analysis - conduct materials testing and analysis on samples to provide information for foundation design.

Clay Base Certifications - assess whether the clay base meets construction requirements and has the potential to compromise structural integrity.  

Fill Assessments - to determine the quality and compaction of fill material to avoid any problems with settlement.

Piling Designs - to ensure adequate support on site for concentrated loads to avoid damage and time delays.

Internal Thickening Layout Inspections - to ensure recommendations for slab and footing details are met.

Ground Slab Assessments - avoids structural problems due to inconsistent slab thickness.

Wind Classifications - ensure your design suits the wind conditions of the site.

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