Projects Showcase

A selection of our many successful projects:

Group Dwellings

These units portray our engineering skills with grouped dwellings. We contributed to the success of this project with a design that minimised expensive structural steelwork. This enabled completion on time and within budget.

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Commercial Development

Tilt-up panel buildings usually have costly steel frameworks. Our design uses an approach that is cost-effective and structurally efficient. Another challenge that we met successfully was the suspended floor in the office at the front.

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Architectural Development

The custom design of this house includes a roof supported by thin steel columns, a frameless plate glass window and suspended brickwork. Our structural design allowed the successful execution of the architect’s creative vision.

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Two Storey House With Basement

This house has a basement and steel-framed upper floor and roof area. We met the engineering challenges of this complex design to ensure a quality result.

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Two Storey House

Even a house that looks typical can have features that require careful engineering design. Note the awning above door, full-height windows to stairwell and cantilevered upper floor over garage.

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